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Drug Pricing Mystery Solved!

Eakinomics: Drug Pricing Mystery Solved!

There is an old saying that there are many economic puzzles but only two deep mysteries: Why do some countries develop and others do not, and why are there business cycles? It is tempting to add a third: What determines drug prices? But not so fast. There is a way to navigate the seemingly impenetrable economics of prescription drug policy, proposals, and programs: the AAF Drug Pricing Clinic.

The Drug Pricing Clinic is a one-stop shop for the most recent, relevant research on issues in drug policy. Want to understand the various proposals to reform Medicare Part D? Head to the Drug Pricing Clinic. Interested in the legislation to “Lower Drug Costs Now”? It is there, too. Trying to figure out what it costs to develop a new drug? You also can find that in the Drug Pricing Clinic. In general, policymakers from across the political spectrum are making proposals to affect the costs of prescription drugs. The proposals are sometimes complex, but the market is even more complicated and policy interventions will affect hundreds of millions of patients, both in the United States and around the world. The Drug Pricing Clinic is your guide to this policy universe.

Of course, the Drug Pricing Clinic will continue to evolve. Look for new additions, or even suggest AAF work that you would like to see included. I nominate this!


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Hospital costs account for nearly 40 percent of personal health care expenditures in the United States.