Why AAF?

The American Action Forum dedicates time and energy to our internship program, offering hands-on research and policy writing experience in a number of different policy areas each semester. Internships at AAF are part-time, paid positions, with the option of a flexible schedule, including start and end dates. As a part of the internship program experience, The American Action Forum schedules events around DC, including weekly lunches with policy experts and behind-the-scenes tours of local landmarks.

Every AAF issue expert joined the Forum with an exceptionally distinguished background. Some of the experts you will have the opportunity to work with include Doug Holtz-Eakin, President of the American Action Forum and Sixth Director of the Congressional Budget Office.

Internships are offered in the following areas:
What You’ll Do:

As an intern with the American Action Forum, you’ll have the unique opportunity to co-author products with our policy directors. Below are a few examples of products our interns have worked on:

AAF Intern Alumni Reunion at Nationals Park 2014

What intern alumni are saying about their time at the American Action Forum:

“Currently, I am in law school and one of my classes requires that I come up with legislation.  The skills I learned at the Forum helped me research the regulatory field and develop the law I plan to draft for my class.  Moreover, the research and writing skills which the Forum demands have assisted me in not only my current role, but will stick with me throughout my career.” – Bijan

“Working at AAF helped me develop the research and writing skills necessary to succeed in Washington D.C. At the Forum, I became familiar with the political scene in the city and the different career options on the Hill and in policy. The staff was very welcoming and gave me valuable work that helped me build a portfolio for the future.” – Elizabeth

“The Forum is a great way to learn about many of the policy areas that influence Washington politics. I have a background in Health Care, but by working at the Forum, I became more aware of policy issues relating to Education, Energy and the Environment and Housing.” – Katherine

“Here at the Forum as an intern in Health Care Policy, I’ve really been able to develop my understanding of the inner workings of Washington. The opportunities provided here from attending events on the Hill and at other think tanks to researching the daily developments in my policy area have been tremendous.” – Aditya

“Working at the Forum has helped me understand so much more about how the Washington think tank community operates and about what it takes to succeed in it.  My research, writing, and networking skills have all improved, through the meaningful responsibilities and opportunities given to me as an intern and the mentorship of staff members.  This internship offers the rare chance to contribute in a substantial way to an organization that makes a real impact on shaping and informing the broader policy discussion, while developing the personal attributes and connections important to a fruitful career.” – Mitch

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