Press Release

2019: The Year in Regulation

In a new retrospective, AAF’s Director of Regulatory Policy Dan Bosch takes a look back at the federal government’s regulatory policy in 2019. Last year marked the return to regulatory activity imposing net costs — $27.3 billion, the largest amount of the Trump Administration, Bosch notes.

Takeaways from his retrospective include:

  • A single rule from the Securities and Exchange Commission swung the balance from the federal government being net deregulatory to net regulatory;
  • Newly added paperwork hours also hit a new high for the administration; and
  • Looking ahead, the administration has proposed more than $54 billion in net regulatory costs, though if three proposed rules aimed at tightening immigration are removed from the total, the federal government has proposed net savings of $6 billion.

See related piece in Bloomberg Law, “2020 Could be Trump Administration’s Costliest for Regulations” (subscription required).

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