Press Release

AAF Analysis of Drug Importation Proposals

The Trump Administration announced today its plan for pursuing the importation of drugs from abroad. AAF experts have written on this policy in detail, examining both its potential impact on patient health and its likelihood to lower drug prices.

A selection of their work:

Importing Canadian Drugs Is Not the Solution to High Drug Prices
Director of Health Care Policy Christopher Holt outlines the objections to a policy of drug importation, ultimately concluding, “It’s a dodge, not a solution.”

Does Making Re-Importation Limited Make It Work?
AAF President Douglas Holtz-Eakin is skeptical that limiting the scope of drug importation will make it a viable policy.

Floridian Drug Reimportation — The Wrong Prescription
Holtz-Eakin writes that the recent law in Florida to allow the importation of Canadian drugs will raise hope for patients, but ultimately not help them.

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