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AAF Launches New Affordable Care Act Timeline

As the fourth anniversary of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) approaches,  the American Action Forum (@AAF) launched its newest resource: the ACA Timeline. The interactive timeline features hundreds of entries and tells the story of the Affordable Care Act from the beginning, to passage, to implementation. The timeline also allows users to filter it to show only specific elements, including: the legislative history, implementation, taxes, Medicare/Medicaid, and the many delays of the ACA. 

The timeline is the third feature of AAF’s “ACA 2Z” (ACA to Z) initiative which now includes a daily updated blog to track the laws’ implementation, as well as the ACA Dictionary which features definitions for hundreds of health care and ACA specific terms. You can navigate to the different sites at “ACA 2Z’s” homepage.

Check Out the ACA Timeline Here:

ACA 2Z Home Page:
ACA 2Z Dictionary:
ACA 2Z Blog: