Press Release

Comparing the Presidential Candidates’ Regulatory Policies

Neither President Trump nor former Vice President Joe Biden have offered specifics on regulatory policy in their campaigns, but each candidate has a starkly different view of the regulatory state. The Trump Administration has focused on deregulation by repealing or revising regulations from the Obama Administration, while Biden has emphasized returning to the policies of the Obama era. In a new analysis comparing the two candidates, AAF’s Dan Bosch and Dan Goldbeck assess the Trump Administration’s first-term performance and its second-term goals, and identify executive actions and regulations likely to be targeted if Biden wins the presidency.

An excerpt:

There is a clear distinction between the two candidates when it comes to their regulatory approaches. President Trump has focused primarily on repealing or seriously amending Obama-era regulations and will look to continue this approach in a second term. If elected president, former Vice President Biden would likely seek to reinstate or strengthen those Obama Administration rules rolled back by the Trump Administration. The Congressional Review Act may help Biden reverse Trump Administration rules more expeditiously, depending on the outcome of House and Senate elections.

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