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Comparing Trump and Biden’s K-12 Education Plans

President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden have markedly different views on the appropriate role of the federal government in K-12 education. Trump sees K-12 education as an issue in which the federal government plays a limited role, while Biden believes the federal government should increase its spending and influence. In a new insight, AAF’s Data Analyst Tom Lee outlines Trump’s and Biden’s K-12 education policies by comparing their positions on funding programs, school choice, and career and technical education.  

An excerpt:

While there are some similarities between President Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Biden on K-12 education policy, there is a clear division on how much influence each believes the federal government should have. Both candidates support school choice to varying degrees as well as increasing career and technical education in K-12, but the dissimilarities are more striking. President Trump has continually proposed decreasing the role and spending of the federal government in K-12 education, and that trend would likely continue in a second term. In contrast, Democratic nominee Biden would dramatically increase federal influence and spending in K-12 education if he were elected.

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