Press Release

CREATE AI Act of 2023: Building Tomorrow’s Computer Lab

In response to rising costs to train next-generation artificial intelligence (AI) models and increasing talent concentration in AI research and development, a bipartisan, bicameral group of lawmakers introduced the “Creating Resources for Every American To Experiment with Artificial Intelligence Act of 2023” (CREATE AI Act) to expand resources and funding to lower market barriers to entry for AI research and development. In a new insight, Technology and Innovation Policy Analyst Joshua Levine examines how the legislation would function and walks through its strengths and weaknesses.

Levine concludes:

The beneficial aspects of the National AI Research Resource Task Force (NAIRR) structure can help ensure the drafters’ goals of expanding access to cutting-edge computational resources and high-quality data for the design of future AI are met. Nevertheless, lawmakers should be cognizant of the tradeoffs these structures create, in particular, how overlapping responsibilities, diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility provisions, and funding variability could inhibit the NAIRR from achieving its stated goals.

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