Press Release

From the Trump to Biden Administration: Protectionism and Trade Enforcement Actions

President Biden has chosen to keep in place all of the tariffs and import restrictions imposed by the Trump Administration—even though the former president’s protectionist policies were largely unpopular and ineffective. In a new insight, Data and Policy Analyst Tom Lee reviews the various trade enforcement actions, primarily tariffs, that were imposed under former President Trump and have continued and may be expanded under President Biden.

Key findings:

  • President Biden’s recently completed 100-day supply chain review orders additional trade enforcement actions and restrictions with the goal of securing U.S. supply chains.
  • To the Biden Administration, securing U.S. supply chains entails industrial policy, i.e., subsidizing U.S. manufacturing and industry.
  • The additional trade enforcement actions the Biden Administration plans to impose in the name of securing supply chains will be in practice no different from the protectionist trade policy pursued by former President Trump.

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