Press Release

Implications of the Latest Executive Order on Regulatory Relief

Yesterday President Trump signed an executive order that directed agencies to further consider waiving, repealing, or modifying regulations in an effort to stimulate the economy in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The most meaningful part of the executive order is its provision on enforcement discretion, notes AAF’s Director of Regulatory Policy Dan Bosch, as these provisions will provide immediate regulatory relief for businesses. While the coronavirus pandemic and economic recovery are the basis for these policies, the provisions will likely be long-lasting, he writes.

An excerpt:

President Trump’s latest executive order cites COVID-19 and the economic recovery as providing the need for reduced regulation and increased enforcement discretion from agencies. In reality, however, the EO extends and expands existing deregulatory priorities. For regulated entities making good-faith efforts to comply with requirements, it will provide immediate relief by giving them assurance that regulatory agencies will work with them rather than rigidly enforce provisions made all the more difficult to achieve by the current emergency.

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