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New Podcast Episode: Regulatory Policy Under the Biden Administration

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In our latest episode, AAF’s Director of Regulatory Policy Dan Bosch discusses the Biden Administration’s recent regulatory actions — both the expected changes and the surprising memo — and what these actions could mean for the administration’s policy priorities. He also considers the Trump Administration’s regulatory successes and failures and whether a future administration might reinstate a regulatory budget.

AAF products mentioned in today’s podcast:

  • Bosch examined Biden’s “Day One” regulatory actions and considered how the administration could use regulation to advance its policy agenda. Read the analysis here.
  • Bosch reviewed the economic impacts of the Trump Administration’s regulatory policy and considered the results in the context of administrations of the past 15 years. Read the analysis here.
  • Are you interested in comparing the regulatory actions of the Biden, Trump, and Obama Administrations? AAF’s Regulatory Team is tracking and comparing each administration in its weekly email newsletter, Week in Regulation. Subscribe here.

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