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WASHINGTON – The American Action Forum today released its first ever Year in Review, an analysis of policies proposed and enacted in 2011 and a look ahead for what to expect in 2012. As President Obama takes the podium tonight for his fourth State of the Union address and lays out his vision for 2012, the Forum examines what went right and what went wrong in Washington from a policy perspective. Forum President Douglas Holtz-Eakin issued the following statement regarding the Forum’s Year in Review:

“As the president makes last minute preparations for his fourth State of the Union address, the American Action Forum has taken the liberty to draft a cheat sheet for him with our Year in Review,” said Holtz-Eakin. “The American Action Forum’s first ever Year in Review is intended to be a resource for both policy wonks and casual observers of Washington, providing insightful analysis and highlighting Forum efforts.

“President Obama’s 2011 saw political posturing trump good policy, whether he was rejecting entitlement reform, ignoring the exploding debt or circumventing the legislative process with more than $232 billion in regulatory costs for small businesses. The American Action Forum’s Year in Review is damning report on President Obama’s inability to lead and make the tough decisions expected of a chief executive.”

Click here to read the Year in Review.

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