Press Release


WASHINGTON – American Action Forum President Douglas Holtz-Eakin today issued the following statement after releasing a white paper titled “Moving Beyond Fee-For-Service: The Case for Managed Care in Medicaid” from the American Action Forum outlining the benefits of moving Medicaid toward a managed care model.

“The problems with Medicaid are well-documented: diminishing access to care for recipients, low reimbursement rates for doctors, fraud and growing a financial burden on states,” said Holtz-Eakin. “The next logical question is how to fix it in order to fulfill our commitment to future generations. In this white paper, American Action Forum experts Michael Ramlet and Carey Lafferty outline a fiscally responsible plan for a Managed Medicaid system based on smaller, successful programs around the country. The advantages of this approach include improved access to care, greater coordination of care, provider accountability and better outcomes for patients. Washington has ignored the problem long enough, it’s time for a solution that keeps the promise of Medicaid to Americans and saves states from the crushing burden under the current structure.”

Click here to read “Moving Beyond Fee-For-Service: The Case for Managed Care in Medicaid.”

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