Press Release

Nonsignificant Rulemakings Decline Under Trump but Not at Historic Levels

The American Action Forum (AAF) released new research into the Trump Administration’s deregulatory trends in terms of nonsignificant rulemakings. While much attention has been paid to the administration’s deregulatory progress made to “significant” rulemakings under Executive Order 13,771, less attention has been paid to nonsignificant rulemakings. According to AAF research, while the number of nonsignificant rulemakings has declined under the current administration, the number has not declined as dramatically as significant rulemakings. In fact, the decline in nonsignificant rulemakings remains well within the realm of prior precedents. AAF’s Dan Goldbeck found that the two entirely Trump-era regulatory periods for nonsignificant rulemakings, Fall 2017 and Spring 2018, are among the lowest at 349 and 364, respectively. However, the lowest level of nonsignificant rulemakings was Fall 2013, under the Obama Administration, with only 323 nonsignificant rulemakings.

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