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Policy Priorities and the Election: Updates from Five States

With the election under two weeks away and the final presidential debate tonight, new polling results from the American Action Forum (AAF) provide a sense of the electorate’s evolving positions on a variety of policy issues. In September AAF commissioned polling in Arizona, Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, and Ohio to identify what issues voters care about most and what policies they will support and reject. At the beginning of October, AAF repeated this state-level polling in an effort to gauge the solid and shifting opinions of the electorate.

The key findings are quite similar to September with two exceptions.

  • On the surface, “Eliminate the Coronavirus” seems to have emerged as the top issue by a large margin. In September it was roughly on par with “Recovery from the Recession.” This shift is a result, however, of the addition of “Filling Supreme Court Vacancy” to the menu of options. Republicans are split between the latter two, with the Supreme Court actually the leading issue among Arizona Republicans.
  • Respondents oppose eliminating the legislative filibuster by large margins and nearly on a bipartisan basis, although Democrats in Ohio support eliminating it.

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