Press Release

Regulatory Provisions of the CLEAN Future Act

House Energy and Commerce Committee Democrats recently introduced the Climate Leadership and Environmental Action for our Nation’s (CLEAN) Future Act, which aims to address climate change. This bill would put government mandates at the forefront of climate change policies and directs agencies to issue regulations as part of this effort. In a new analysis, AAF’s Director of Regulatory Policy Dan Bosch examines the bill’s provisions and considers its regulatory impact.

His central points:

  • The CLEAN Future Act includes many provisions that would require federal agencies to issue implementing regulations;
  • The most notable of these provisions are requirements that states develop plans to assess and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, that the Environmental Protection Agency set limits on GHGs in the transportation sector, and that the Securities and Exchange Commission require climate-related disclosures from publicly traded companies; and
  • The costs of the bill’s regulatory approach are unknown and will depend on the discretion of agencies’ implementation of Congress’s mandates.

Read the analysis.