Press Release

Testimony on: The Impact of Biden’s Open Border on America’s Workforce

In testimony before House of Representatives Committee on Education and the Workforce Subcommittee on Health, Employment, Labor, and Pensions, AAF President Douglas Holtz-Eakin discusses the impacts of illegal immigration on the labor market.

Key points:

  • U.S. illegal immigration is in part a reflection of forces generating persistent global migration;
  • Illegal immigration has an ambiguous impact on the employment of native-born workers;
  • Unauthorized immigrants are often unable to hold positions that align with their skills, which limits the benefits to both them and the economy at large;
  • This population has volatile labor turnover and employee retention, which is costly for employers; and
  • The flow of synthetic opioids into the United States continues to rise, accompanied by an increase in their use and drug-related fatalities within our prime-age labor force.

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