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Introduction: How to Think About Tech Regulation

If there were ever a year that changed the course of technology regulation, 2018 was it. In mid-March, the New York Times released a report detailing how the marketing firm Cambridge Analytica exploited Facebook’s consumers leading up to the 2016…


What Policymakers Need to Know About “Soft Law”

Many grade schoolers’ first introduction to the law begins with Hammurabi, the Babylonian king renowned for his codification of the law in the Code of Hammurabi. The stele into which those legal tenets were carved was notably displayed in the…


Preventing Privacy Policy From Becoming a Series of Unfortunate Events

It seems that every day new headlines are calling our attention to the “growing problem” of data privacy. From the Equifax breach to a series of Facebook scandals to new laws in Europe and California, there seems to be a…


New Antitrust Thinking Isn’t a Return to the Good Old Days

Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft. These are America’s five most valuable tech companies, and they have a public policy challenge in common: antitrust. When antitrust makes headlines, it’s often because one of these five companies is looking to buy a…


New Technology, Same Principles: The Supreme Court and Tech

During the confirmation hearings for then-Judge Neil Gorsuch, Senator and former Judiciary Committee Chairman Orin Hatch asks a question about interpreting constitutional provisions in the digital age. How, he asks, can a two-century old document apply to technologies that were…


Understanding Calls for Regulating Artificial Intelligence

Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Mark Cuban, and the late Stephen Hawking have been among the most vocal luminaries calling for the regulation of artificial intelligence (A.I.), but they are hardly alone. Countless papers, conferences, and talks dedicated to algorithms and…


A Framework for Increasing Competition and Diffusion in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is developing rapidly, and countries from around the globe are beginning to articulate national strategies for handling the political ramifications. With A.I. powering innovations such as driverless cars, autonomous drones, full-sequence genetic analytics, and powerful voice-assistant technology,…


Approaches to Regulating Technology—From Privacy to A.I.

There is new energy and momentum to legislate on technology issues—particularly when it comes to privacy, competition, and artificial intelligence. Many states and even some cities have enacted or are considering net-neutrality and privacy regulations, while for its part, Congress is considering a range of possible actions on technology. But what problems should policymakers address, and how should they address them?

AAF convened two panels, the first on privacy and the second on the important threads between competition policy and AI, to discuss these important issues.