Keystone XL in the President’s Court

There can be no more excuses to delay Keystone XL. Congress has now sent a bipartisan bill to the president’s desk to approve the pipeline. While the legislation getting to the president’s desk was a glimmer of hope, the administration has signaled that it will veto it. At this point, Americans have been waiting for the over 40,000 construction jobs for 2,338 days. In that same time, President Obama’s State Department has approved 2 pipelines and Congress has passed 9 bills either approving or speeding up the process. What else does this delay mean? There will be 7.4 million additional tons of CO2 released as the demand for reliable energy pushes transportation of oil to the 415 rail cars (that’s 5 miles long!) needed to drive between Montana and Texas every day.

Enough is enough, it is #TimeToBuild.