Press Release

AAF Examines Children with Medical Complexities

The American Action Forum (@AAF) released new research today examining Children with Medical Complexity and how they are covered by Medicaid. Specifically, a recent analysis by AAF found that a coordinated medical home model for medically complex children has the potential to save as much as $13 to $16 billion over the first 10 years of implementation.

Click on the following links to access our research:

Primer: Children Enrolled in Medicaid
While under 6 percent of children covered by Medicaid have a medically complex condition, these children consume 34 percent of all health care costs among children. This research highlights legislation that would improve care management for these children as well as reduce expensive health care costs.

Medicaid Managed Care and Medical Homes
Medicaid managed care programs working in conjunction with medical homes could provide significant benefits to patients, as well as federal and state budgets.

Prospects for Care Coordination for Children with Medical Complexity
Proposed changes to the care coordination of medically complex children covered by Medicaid could save as much as $13 to $16 billion dollars over the first 10 years of implementation, and has the potential to save more in future years.