Press Release

AAF Examines Ex-Im’s Small Business Support

The American Action Forum (@AAF) today released new research examining the support provided to small businesses by the Export Import Bank (Ex-Im). As the official export credit agency of the United States, Ex-Im helps level the playing field for U.S. exporters in a global market distorted by the export credit activities of competitor nations. The Bank’s charter is currently set to expire at the end of June. While critics claim that the Bank mainly helps larger businesses, AAF research found that small business authorizations dominate Ex-Im’s financing. Specifically, the AAF research found that:

  • 89 percent of all Ex-Im authorizations were made to small businesses.
  • 25 percent of Ex-Im’s authorizations by dollar amount were made to small businesses in FY 2014, exceeding the 20 percent small business mandate.
  • Over the past 10 years, Ex-Im support for small businesses is at least $12.2 billion more than reported.
  • Since the start of the financial crisis, 1 in 5 small businesses authorizations were companies using Ex-Im for the first time.

“While sensible reforms are needed, Ex-Im’s value to small businesses should not be disregarded,” concludes Andy Winkler, AAF’s Director of Housing Finance Policy.

Click here to read the research.