Press Release

AAF Report on the State of the Opioid Epidemic

“Congress may play a role in these reforms, but the burden of implementing them lies with a range of actors including state and local governments, insurance companies, drug manufacturers, medical-care providers, and patients.”

With President Trump planning to speak about the opioid-abuse epidemic during tonight’s State of the Union address, the American Action Forum released a new report on the state of the crisis and policy options to combat it. In summary:

  • Opioids account for more than 42,000 deaths annually in the United states—and that figure is increasing.
  • Drug manufacturers and doctors are trying to limit access to prescription opioids, with limited success, while many with substance-abuse disorders are moving from prescription opioids to illegal synthetic drugs that are much more powerful.
  • Effective short-term and long-term treatment options exist, yet barriers to their access remain prevalent.
  • Recent policy responses and funding proposals, such as reducing regulatory barriers to treatments and boosting funding to states, are insufficient on their own to resolve the crisis.

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