Press Release

AAF Reviews the Quality of Education Standards

The American Action Forum released new research examining the impact of education standards on long-term economic growth, job growth, and educational attainment using each state’s average National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) test score. The research finds that had NAEP math test scores been 10 percent higher in 2003, then by 2013 the United States would have benefited from:

  • Greater economic performance – $1.27 trillion in additional economic growth and 12.4 million additional jobs,
  • Greater educational attainment – 14.6 million more adults with a high school degree and 10.3 million more with a bachelor’s degree, and
  • Additional resources that help to offset any new budget costs – $94.7 billion in additional state tax revenue nationwide – 4.6 times the size of average operating expenditures in each state.

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