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Comparing the Biden’s Administration’s Regulatory Record at the Halfway Point to Immediate Predecessors

At its halfway point, the Biden Administration’s regulatory burden totals vastly exceed those of its two immediate predecessors and have done so across a markedly lower volume of rules. In a new insight, Director of Regulatory Policy Dan Goldbeck tracks how the Biden Administration’s regulatory burden thus far compares to those of the Trump and Obama Administrations.

Key points:

  • The Biden Administration capped off its halfway point in office with $318 billion in total costs and more than 218 million hours of paperwork.
  • While certain agencies (such as the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Health and Human Services) feature prominently across most of the covered administrations’ total cost burdens, there is still a high degree of variance in which agencies contributed the most in terms of regulatory impact across the administrations.
  • Notably, across all three administrations it generally took at least a year for major regulatory priorities to wind their way through the rulemaking process.

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