Press Release

Competition Takes Center Stage in Health Care Debate

Congress and executive agencies have recently launched investigations into health care market participants as part of the broader discussion surrounding the rising costs of care. In a new insight, Competition Economics Analyst Fred Ashton explains how several bills to promote competition in the industry could reduce costs and improve quality of health care.

Key points:

  • President Biden’s executive order on Promoting Competition in the American Economy focused, in part, on hospital consolidation and its effect on health care costs and access to services.
  • Several bills have been introduced, or reintroduced, in Congress, often with bipartisan support, that would fill antitrust enforcement gaps, eliminate barriers to entry, and remove an antitrust exemption for a critical residency program facilitator.
  • Promoting competition and ensuring the antitrust agencies have authority to act when necessary are preconditions for reducing costs and improving care quality.

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