Press Release

Funding Ukraine’s Defense and the Outlook for the National Defense Budget

The United States has played a leading role in marshalling global opposition to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and has contributed billions of dollars in defense assistance. In a new insight, Director of Fiscal Policy Gordon Gray walks through recent trends in defense spending, projections for fiscal year (FY) 2022 and beyond, and the budgetary impacts of the Russian invasion.

Key points:

    • On March 16, President Biden signed the Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA) of FY 2022, which set a $782 billion defense budget for the year.
    • The CAA legislation also included an additional $13.6 billion in emergency funding for security assistance to Ukraine.
    • On March 28, the Biden Administration released the FY2023 President’s Budget, which included an $813 billion request for national defense.
    • On April 28, in response to Russia’s ongoing war on Ukraine, President Biden requested an additional $33 billion in emergency defense, economic, and humanitarian assistance funding.
    • Assuming the $33 billion supplemental funding is approved, total, new defense assistance to Ukraine in FY2022 would amount to $46.6 billion, while the need for follow-on assistance will necessarily be dictated by the course of the conflict.

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