Press Release

New Analysis of Proposal to Reallocate C-Band for 5G Deployment

The increased demand for mobile data and the future deployment of the 5G network is compelling regulators to look for satellite spectrum that could support these services. A section of spectrum, the C-Band, could be well-suited for this purpose, but it is already occupied, and regulators and industry groups are discussing how to reallocate it fairly. AAF’s Director of Technology and Innovation Policy Will Rinehart surveys the history of this band’s use and provides an overview of a current proposal for reallocating the C-Band.

An excerpt:

The C-Band is undergoing a transition, and operators in the band have come forward with a market-driven approach. For the Federal Communications Commission, the most important question is how to transition this part of the spectrum to its highest and best use at the lowest cost as quickly as possible.

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