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New Podcast Episode: Food Insecurity in the United States

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In our latest episode, AAF’s Director of Human Welfare Policy Tara O’Neill Hayes discusses her latest research on food insecurity and the COVID-19 pandemic. She explains the differences between food insecurity and insufficiency and considers the myriad factors that affect them. She then turns to the historical data trends and the impact of the pandemic, noting some historical inconsistencies and drawing some counterintuitive conclusions.

AAF products mentioned in today’s podcast:

  • Hayes assesses the causes and historical trends for food insecurity and food insufficiency in a recent analysis.
  • Is hunger rising in the United States because of the pandemic? Hayes examines the data and concludes that the data do not reveal such a clear trend in a recent analysis.
  • In two primers, Hayes outlines SNAP’s and WIC’s eligibility requirements, potential benefits, costs, and participation rates over time. Read the primer on SNAP. Read the primer on WIC.

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