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New Podcast Episode: Pipeline Infrastructure, Cyberattacks, and the Economic Impact

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In our latest episode, AAF’s Director of Energy Policy Ewelina Czapla discusses the economic impact of the cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline. She explains the pipeline security bill reintroduced in Congress and the recent directive from the administration requiring companies to report cyber incidents to the federal government. Czapla also considers whether the remedy for cyberattacks on pipelines is best left to the federal government, private industry, or a combination of both.

AAF products mentioned in today’s episode:

  • Czapla outlines the Pipeline and LNG Facility Cybersecurity Preparedness Act’s key provisions and argues that the bill does not address the root cause of pipeline insecurity. Read the analysis.
  • AAF President Douglas Holtz-Eakin writes about the Department of Homeland Security’s proposed rule to regulate cybersecurity in the pipeline industry in a recent Daily Dish. Subscribe to the Daily Dish here.

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