Press Release

New Podcast Episode: The Economics of Legal Immigration

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Our latest episode features AAF’s Director of Immigration and Trade Policy Jacqueline Varas discussing the current immigration system, the economic impact of legal immigration, and the misconceptions about the impact of legal immigrants. Varas explains the effect of immigrants on inequality (read her Insight here), and highlights AAF’s proposal to build a pro-growth legal immigration system (read the proposal here). As a bonus, she shares her favorite activities from her recent trip to Denver, Colorado!

Future episodes will answer other pressing policy questions, including:

  • Did the Trump Administration meet its regulatory goals for this year — and what does its success or failure mean for the country?
  • How should the housing-finance system be reformed?
  • What’s driving the popularity of “Medicare for All”?

Whether you’re on your lunch break or commuting home, The AAF Exchange will keep you up to speed on today’s most pressing policy issues.

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