Press Release

NEW TECH ESSAY VOLUME: How to Think About Tech Regulation

The United States’ light-touch regulatory regime has fostered a dynamic tech sector, but in the past year the regulatory climate around technology companies has changed dramatically. Today AAF releases a volume of essays that explore how policymakers should approach tech regulation.

The essays:

  • What Policymakers Need to Know About “Soft Law” — Ryan Hagemann, Niskanen Center
  • Preventing Privacy Policy From Becoming a Series of Unfortunate Events — Jennifer Huddleston, Mercatus Center
  • New Antitrust Thinking Isn’t a Return to the Good Old Days — Ryan Radia, Lincoln Network
  • New Technology, Same Principles: The Supreme Court and Tech — Ashley Baker, The Committee for Justice
  • Understanding Calls for Regulating Artificial Intelligence — Will Rinehart, American Action Forum
  • A Framework for Increasing Competition and Diffusion in Artificial Intelligence — Caleb Watney, R Street Institute

Read the essays. 

Join the essay authors and other tech experts at an event on March 19th, as AAF convenes two panels to discuss privacy, competition policy, and A.I.