Press Release

Policy Priorities and the Election: Evidence from Five States

To further understand how voters might receive the policy proposals of President Trump and former Vice President Biden, the American Action Forum commissioned polls in five states: Arizona, Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, and Ohio. These polls, using a sample size of 800 at a margin of error of 3.5 percent, examined voter attitudes toward a range of policies — from the coronavirus pandemic and additional aid spending to government spending and taxes in general, debt, labor issues, climate change, health care, and tech regulation — as well as the political climate.

Key findings include:

  • The sharp partisan divide in politics spills over to nearly every policy issue. For example, recovering from the recession and eliminating the coronavirus are nearly tied as the most important domestic issue, but the former is a runaway leader among Republicans and the latter among Democrats;
  • There is no strong support for reforming entitlements, although in three of the five states, voters preferred a mix of spending cuts and tax increases to doing nothing;
  • In states where asked, voters cited costs as their primary health care concern, are positive about Right to Work laws, and are hopeful that their financial situation will improve over the next year; and
  • On a bipartisan basis, there is also opposition to the government regulating the content of social media, but also a contradictory sentiment that big tech companies are under-regulated.
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