Press Release

Reviewing the Biden Administration’s Latest Update to Regulatory Review

The Biden Administration recently unveiled a more detailed vision of its proposed changes to how agencies and the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs consider and support the rationales behind regulatory actions. In a new insight, Director of Regulatory Policy Dan Goldbeck considers the potential consequences of these changes.

Goldbeck concludes:

The proposed changes to the rulemaking process released last week represent the tangible product of regulatory principles established by the Biden Administration on Day One. Such adjustments will significantly reframe the regulatory process in a way that, perhaps unsurprisingly, focuses more on the benefits side of the ledger. This EO, however, is still a work in progress and the culmination of these actions is still likely a year out. One hopes that careful consideration of input from interested parties will, at the very least, help iron out some of the potential flaws of these reforms.

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