Press Release

The Legacy of the Trump Administration’s Regulatory Budget

A significant part of the Trump Administration’s domestic agenda was its approach to regulatory policy, and the regulatory budget was the primary mechanism for reducing the regulatory burden. In a new analysis, AAF’s Director of Regulatory Policy Dan Bosch examines the legacy of this effort and calculates the estimated savings across covered agencies.

An excerpt:

The regulatory budget was successful in reducing regulatory cost growth across the federal government, and specifically led to estimated savings from covered agencies of about $160 billion. It also helped remove unnecessary regulatory burdens, institutionalized regulatory reform principles at agencies, and helped the economy by boosting businesses’ willingness to invest in growing their companies.

At the same time, it was limited by certain weaknesses. The regulatory budget was not a durable reform. It lacked full transparency in how it accounted individual actions. Its comparison of deregulatory actions to regulatory actions was not commensurate. And it proved susceptible to ideological preferences on certain issues.

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