Press Release

“Year One”: Assessing the Biden Regulatory Record Against Recent Administrations

In the Biden Administration’s first year, the regulatory burden far outpaced the Obama and Trump Administrations, largely due to a handful of significant rulemakings. In new research, Senior Regulatory Policy Analyst Dan Goldbeck and Director of Regulatory Policy Dan Bosch track how the administration’s first year compares to the Trump and Obama Administrations during similar points in time.

Key points:

  • The Biden Administration capped off its first full year in office with more than $201 billion in regulatory costs and 131 million hours in new annual paperwork, putting it far ahead of the two immediately preceding administrations’ respective first years by a wide margin.
  • Actions related to vehicle emissions and COVID-19 safety measures provided the vast majority of these administrative burdens.
  • Additionally, in terms of executive orders issued during the first year of an administration, the 77 put forth by President Biden represents the highest number since the Ford Administration.

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