Worker Training and the Future of the Labor Force


As the economy’s demands on workers changes, will job training and education programs keep up? A new research series considers the greatest challenges to workforce training and development—and weighs potential solutions.



The Economic Benefits of Educational Attainment

Increasing educational attainment has powerful positive effects on the economy: Any educational attainment above a high-school diploma, including trade certification, leads to increased employment opportunities, wage rates, and aggregate economic growth, this study finds.


Projecting Future Skill Shortages Through 2029

Over the next decade, employers in nearly every state will face significant shortages both of workers with an associate degree or some college (nearly 800,000 workers) and of workers with a bachelor’s degree or higher (over 8.5 million workers), leading to nearly $1.2 trillion in lost economic output.


An Analysis of Federal Training Programs

This new study examines the two major adult-worker training programs along with federal apprenticeship programs. It concludes that while these federal programs are largely effective at placing workers in jobs today, their focus is concentrated in industry sectors that are not projected to experience the bulk of job growth over the next five years.


Options for Innovation and Reform in Higher Education

Executive Summary Higher education is facing a confluence of challenges: tuition inflation, mounting student debt, and decreasing value in a changing economy. National-level reforms – specifically accreditation reform and greater transparency – would pave the way for greater innovation at…