New AAF GOP Primary Voter Survey Finds Strong Support For House Immigration Reform Efforts

WASHINGTON – Today, the American Action Forum (@AAF) released a national survey of Republican primary voters’ views on immigration reform, polled by North Star Opinion Research from June 2 – 5, 2014. The survey found that nearly 4 in 5 GOP primary voters (78 percent) support a step-by-step approach to immigration reform that emphasizes several key elements, including: border enforcement, E-verify, and earned legal status with significant conditions including paying a fine and back taxes, learning English and proof of employment.

That plan includes majority support among frequent talk radio listeners (72-23) and strong Tea Party supporters (70-28).

Other key findings from the national primary voter survey include:
Earned legal status is supported by a 56 to 36 percent margin while earned citizenship is narrowly opposed, 48-44.

Creating a temporary worker plan with a return home is supported by a 78 to 20 percent margin.

Earned legal status for young undocumented immigrants after serving in the U.S. military is supported by a 77 to 19 percent margin

Primary voters say they would vote for a candidate with whom they disagree on immigration by a 55-29 percent margin.

“Today’s polling reflects strongly the lessons learned a year ago: conservative primary voters recognize that the immigration system is broken, appreciate the opportunity presented by step-by-step House legislation, and are eager to see action,” said Douglas Holtz-Eakin, President of the American Action Forum.

Full memo from North Star’s Whit Ayres, Jon McHenry and Dan Judy follows

AAF Memo: National Survey of Republican Primary Voters Regarding Immigration Reform

Polling presentation follows

AAF National Survey of Republican Primary Voters Regarding Immigration Reform