AAF Releases National Survey On Health Care

The American Action Forum (@AAF) today released a national survey of likely voters on health care. The poll was conducted by OnMessage Inc from July 5-7th. Overall the survey found that a majority believe private insurance companies are better at providing quality health care coverage than the federal government, 57 to 26 percent. When asked about affordability of health care, 48 percent say private insurance companies are better at providing affordable coverage.

The national survey also found that 61 percent oppose a single payer health care system, and 51 percent oppose the Affordable Care Act. These are significant as majorities believe that it has been unfair for the administration to change the rules of Obamacare for private health insurers and that harming private insurance may lead to a single payer system.

Click here to view the memo highlighting the key results of the survey.

Click here to view the full survey.

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Download PDF