Press Release

AAF Report Finds $1538 Average Cut For Each Senior In Medicare Advantage Since ACA

Washington – The American Action Forum (@AAF) released new research on the impact of the Medicare Advantage (MA) cuts seniors will face in 2015 due to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and other government regulations. The AAF report finds that seniors enrolled in MA will face an annual benefits reduction of $1,538, or 13.32 percent, when compared with MA projections prior to the ACA. The report also finds the cuts average $317 per Medicare Advantage enrollee compared to the rates in effect for 2014.
Other findings from the report include:

• MA enrollees will see an average benefit cut of 3.07 percent, compared with 2014;
• MA enrollees will see an average benefit cut of 13.32 percent, compared with the Pre-ACA baseline;
• When compared with the pre-ACA baseline for 2015, MA cuts per enrollee range from $500 per year in South Dakota to $2,857 in Louisiana. 

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