Press Release

AAF Solutions Unveils “long page” Microsite Explaining Economics of Immigration Reform

AAF Solutions, a new initiative by the American Action Forum (@AAF), today unveiled a new “long page” microsite delivering a digestible, visually engaging presentation making the economic case for immigration reform. Through significant graphics, statistics and rolling screens, the microsite walks viewers through the many components and issues of immigration reform.

The AAF Solutions addresses core pieces of immigration reform, including: high skilled temporary workers; green cards for graduates from American universities with degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math; refocusing permanent immigration to a skills-based system; and smart immigration enforcement.

Click here to view the AAF Solutions “long page” microsite on immigration reform.

About AAF Solutions:
AAF Solutions, is a new initiative that offers positive, constructive, digestible, and actionable policy solutions to solve ongoing problems the country faces. With so much of the national debate always focused on the negative, AAF Solutions products approach policy a different way, defining the problem and then proposing reasonable and actionable solutions that address the problem.