Press Release

Putting the Administration’s Spring Regulatory Agenda in Context

AAF’s Director of Regulatory Policy Dan Bosch breaks down the Trump Administration’s Spring 2018 Regulatory Agenda, released today, and puts it in historical context.

An excerpt:

As expected, the number of major rules currently in an active stage of rulemaking is increasing as the Trump Administration settles into its second full year in office. The number of major actions listed in the new agenda (88), however, is fewer than the number of major actions at any point in the Obama Administration. What is also important to remember is that a significant number of these actions are deregulatory, whereas such rules were few and far between under President Obama. Of the 88 major actions listed, 47 are designated as either regulatory or deregulatory under [Executive Order] 13,771. Fifty-seven percent of these designated rules are deregulatory.

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