Press Release

Analyzing Fiscal Year 2019’s Regulatory Budget Results

For fiscal year 2019, the Trump Administration set an ambitious goal — $17.9 billion — in total regulatory savings across all executive agencies. Though the administration met its regulatory budget goal the previous two years, this year for the first time the administration missed its goal. In new research, AAF’s Director of Regulatory Policy Dan Bosch and Senior Regulatory Policy Analyst Dan Goldbeck examine the results of the administration’s deregulatory efforts this year and estimate by how much the administration missed its savings goal.

Their points:

  • The administration missed its target but still achieved net savings of $8.6 billion for fiscal year 2019;
  • At the agency level, the Department of Health and Human Services achieved the most net savings, while the Department of the Treasury added the most net costs; and
  • Some rules that were not clearly regulatory or deregulatory could have implications for the Trump Administration’s final accounting later this year.

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