Press Release

Coronavirus and the State of Immigration

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted nearly every corner of the world, and the United States’ immigration system is no exception. AAF’s Director of Immigration and Trade Policy Jacqueline Varas surveys how the Trump Administration has altered immigration policy since the outbreak began. While there are legitimate public-health reasons for restricting immigration right now, continuing these restrictions for too long could harm the economic recovery, she argues.

An excerpt:

Border closures can potentially have huge impacts. Each month on average, 4.5 million people legally cross the U.S.-Canada border and 15.7 million people legally cross the U.S.-Mexico border. Under current administration guidelines, many of these individuals will be unaffected. If the border closures are extended to impede cross-border trade, however, nearly $102 billion of trade in goods will be jeopardized each month.

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