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New Podcast Episode: President Biden’s Budget Proposal and the Economy

It’s The AAF Exchange — your source for clear, data-driven insight into today’s economic and domestic policy issues.

In this episode of the AAF Exchange, AAF President Douglas Holtz-Eakin discusses President Biden’s budget proposal, Trump’s call for a 10-percent tariff, and the current state of the economy.

AAF products mentioned in today’s episode:

  • In “The Joint-employer Pendulum Swings Back,” Holtz-Eakin considers the problems with the National Labor Relations Board’s proposed joint-employer rule and why Congress should permanently revoke the rule under the Congressional Review Act.
  • In “Highlights of the FY2025 President’s Budget,” Vice President for Economic Policy Gordon Gray analyzes the figures in the President’s Budget for fiscal year 2025.
  • In “The President’s (Campaign) Budget,” Holtz-Eakin makes the case that the proposals in the President’s Budget are more campaign promises than serious policy.
  • In “Unforgiving Budget Math,” Holtz-Eakin walks through the problems revealed by the February 2024 long-term budget outlook by the Congressional Budget Office and explains why simply raising taxes would not be an effective solution.
  • In “Trump’s Proposed 10 Percent Tariff: Considering the Impact,” former Data and Policy Analyst Tom Lee examines the potential economic impacts of former president and 2024 presidential candidate Donald Trump’s proposal for a new 10 percent tariff on all goods imported into the United States.
  • In “February CPI Inflation,” Holtz-Eakin reviews the February inflation numbers and considers what they mean for the Federal Reserve’s future policy.
  • In “Weekly Economic Tracker,” Holtz-Eakin breaks down this week’s economic news.

Whether you’re on your lunch break or commuting home, The AAF Exchange will keep you up to speed on today’s most pressing policy issues.

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