Press Release

News Release: Responsible House Plan In Stark Conrast To Obama,  Senate Dems’ Willfull Ignorance

WASHINGTON – American Action Forum President Douglas Holtz-Eakin today issued the following statement in response to the budget proposal released by the House Budget Committee:

“The U.S. has dual problems of poor growth and explosive debt that demand tax reform and entitlement reform, while preserving core functions of government,” said Holtz-Eakin. “Failing to do so and leaving the U.S. on its current path is dangerous to the country and shows callous disregard for the next generations.  As they did last year, Chairman Ryan and the House Budget Committee have taken up the mantle of leadership, proposed a responsible and reasonable budget, and directed America in a more prosperous direction. The House plan will balance the budget and set our country on a path to ultimately eliminate our debt.  It will undertake tax reform that restores U.S. international competitiveness and provides a supportive environment for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Most importantly, it will reform and preserve a social safety net for the next generation of seniors and low-income Americans.”

“That said, I fully expect this right-minded approach to be vilified by those looking to score political points in an election year. Those that attack this plan are obligated to answer this question: what is your plan for comprehensive tax reform?  Entitlement reform? Preserving America’s security?  The president’s budgets are notoriously silent on these crucial issues, and the Senate under the Democrats’ leadership has no budget whatsoever.  It should be unacceptable to ignore the pressing threats to our prosperity and dig our children into an abyss of debt.”

“While I am a realist and don’t expect a loving embrace of this proposal by the president and Senate Democrats, the policy wonk in me holds out hope that smart policy will ultimately triumph.”

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