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Op-Ed: Back-to-School Essential? Policy Solutions for the Digital Divide

Back-to-school preparations look different this year, as many schools have chosen to start virtually, and as a result the most-needed school supply may be internet connectivity. Many school-age children lack the necessary devices or connectivity, however, leading to fears that this digital divide may widen existing disparities in academic performance. In an op-ed for InsideSources, AAF’s Director of Technology and Innovation Policy Jennifer Huddleston discusses different policy options that can help bridge the digital divide both during the pandemic and beyond.

An excerpt:

To help teachers, students and families in this unique back-to-school situation, policymakers should seek solutions that do not erect further barriers to accessing technology and build on the successful internet infrastructure that America’s hands-off approach has fostered.

The right policy choices made in the coming months can help bridge the digital divide both during the pandemic and the years to come.

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