Press Release

The C-Band Auction: Market-Based Approaches to Spectrum in Advancing 5G

The Federal Communications Commission is set to auction portions of the C-band spectrum next week, spectrum that is critical to the development of 5G infrastructure. In a new analysis, AAF’s Director of Technology and Innovation Policy Jennifer Huddleston and Bernard Zamaminia explain 5G’s benefits and why a market-based approach is the most efficient way to reallocate underutilized spectrum. Further, this auction serves as a model for future spectrum transitions, they argue.

An excerpt:

Ensuring the rapid development and deployment of 5G should remain a bipartisan priority. The C-band auction is another step toward expanding this next-generation telecommunications technology that will serve as critical infrastructure for emerging technologies and connected devices. As policymakers work to encourage 5G development, they should consider how the C-band auction serves as a useful model. Policies that employ market-based incentives encourage fast deployment and maximal innovation—both of which are essential as the United States races to deploy 5G.

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