Press Release

The Problematic Potential Return of Net Neutrality

The Biden Administration has signaled that it is open to reinstating net neutrality regulations, even though the dire predictions surrounding the repeal of net neutrality never materialized. In a new analysis, AAF’s Director of Technology and Innovation Policy Jennifer Huddleston outlines the implications of reinstating these regulations and explains the possible consequences of constant regulatory changes to the internet.

Her central points:

  • Proponents of net neutrality predicted that repealing it, as the Trump Administration did, would lead to consumer harm and worse internet connections, but if anything the opposite has proven true;
  • Restoring net neutrality regulations and the possible expansion of such regulation to other elements of the internet such as social media could lock in existing players, deter innovation, and harm free speech; and
  • Congress should consider legislation to clarify the appropriate regulatory framework for various aspects of the internet to avoid the disruption that could arise from repeated shifts in Federal Communications Commission policy or state-level laws.

Read the analysis.