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Medicaid Enrollment and Expenditure Projections: 2015-2024

In 2014, Medicaid enrollment reached 64 million and expenditures totaled $496.3 billion. In 2015, enrollment climbed to 69 million and expenditures are expected to have increased 12.1 percent to $554.3 billion. The federal government’s share of expenditures is estimated to have grown 16.2 percent and now accounts for an estimated 63 percent of total Medicaid costs. Between 2015 and 2024, Medicaid enrollment is projected to increase 12.5 percent. However, total Medicaid expenditures are expected to increase 66 percent during that same time frame. Federal expenditures will increase 62 percent, while state expenditures will increase 73 percent, bringing the federal share of total Medicaid spending to 61.2 percent by 2024. By this time, total Medicaid expenditures will be nearing $1 trillion, and it will become increasingly difficult to fund other state programs and provide additional assistance.

2016-08-02 Medicaid Expenditures

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