Press Release

The Rules that Will Drive the FY 2020 Regulatory Budget

The Trump Administration recently unveiled its fiscal year (FY) 2020 regulatory budget, and its cumulative savings target, $51.6 billion, would more than double the savings of all previous Trump Administration regulatory budgets combined. But a closer look at the targets of individual agencies shows that just a few agencies largely drive the final results, writes AAF’s Director of Regulatory Policy Dan Bosch.

His central points:

  • Only 10 agencies have regulatory-impact targets other than $0;
  • Savings for these agencies will primarily come from finalization of the Safer Affordable Fuel-Efficient Vehicles Rule, which it appears will save about $80 billion; and
  • On the cost side of the ledger, the Department of Homeland Security will impose $35.2 billion mostly from rules aimed at restricting immigration.

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